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Meriam M1500-Gi0100-02-1-02, M1500 Digital Pressure Transmitter

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M1500-GI0100-02-1-02 Digital Pressure Transmitter, Type & Range: 0 TO 100 PSI Gauge, Isolated, Output / Communication Options: RS-485 Digital Communication, ± 0.025% FS, Digital Communication Protocol Options: MSP (Meriam Serial Protocol): RS-232, RS-485 or USB, Factory Configuration Options: Custom Factory Configuration (Customer must complete and submit M1500 Configuration Sheet Z9R114 with order) Meriam's M1500 Digital Pressure Transmitter is ideal for a variety of pressure and flow measurement applications from 10" H20 to 3000 PSI Full Scale



Applications Lab data acquisition Test and monitoring applications Barometric pressure reference Production skids Pneumatic / hydraulic go, no go testing Pressure leak testing Process control applications Plant instrumentation OEM applications Laminar Flow Systems Wet / wet differential monitoring and control Head type flow metering Orifice plate, Venturi, Accutube, Wedge Clean room pressure monitoring

Choose from differential dry/dry or wet/wet , gauge, compound or absolute pressure types

Digital output options include RS-232, RS-485 and USB

Typical NIST traceable digital accuracy is 177 0.025 of F.S

Including all effects of linearity, repeatability, hysteresis and temperature from -20 176 to 50 176 C -4 176 to 122 176 F


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