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Bretford 12' Starter Kit Barrel - Lenovo Cords

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Mobile power starter kit with Barrel to Lenovo cords includes everything you need to turn a single wall outlet into a powerful, flexible mobile charging solution for your entire room



Cost-effective design eliminates the need for costly infrastructure upgrades with a system that works with your existing infrastructure to deliver power to the center of any room from a single wall outlet

Daisy chain base smartly converts AC power to safe DC power to turn one outlet into a smart power hub

FLI charge technology instantly powers down when it detects foreign objects for safe use

Flexible track with flexi-hinge allows it to be folded and packed up to quickly take power where you need it most

Kit includes a 12' track, base, power cord, four device cords and two pods.

Magnetic connectors safely detach from each other to mitigate tripping hazards

Smart power distribution brings power to the center of your room to let people continue to connect and interact while charging their devices


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